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    Since this is the first entry ti the inspiration page I would like to start out by explaining exactly what this area of the site is for. This is an area for me to post anything I find inspiring or noteworthy thru out my day to day life. Post will range from artistic influences,to music,video links or random photos of cool shit. With that said lets get started with the first entry.

    While on vacation in Greece this summer with my good friends Nathan and ArielleI got to read a great book called "Outliers:The Story Of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell. I found the book super informative and motivating. A few weeks after I got back to the states i attended the Paradise Tattoo Gathering, while there I took a seminar by another tattooer and friend NIck Baxter. In Nicks seminar he spoke at length about the book Outliers. This coincidence prompted me to use this book for the first entry in to this section of the site.

   "Outliers" is a book that argues the main points of being successful, and how people get there. Claiming and supporting with tons of facts, that it isn't always talent that makes someone, of for that matter groups of people successful. Gladwell argues that generation, family, culture, and class are all part of the makeup for success. He uses examples of The Beatles and Bill GAtes, and the similarities between their situations. He also uses professional athletes,New York lawyers,and pilots as examples.What I found extremely interesting was a certain rule he discusses in the book called " The Rule Of 10000 Hours". According to this theory, if you put 10000 hours of dedication into ANYTHING you will not only be proficient  at you will be an expert. What this means to me is that the old saying"WHat you put into something,is what you will get out of it" is completely true. I know it sounds cliche and something we've all heard before but after reading this book and the way Gladwell breaks everything down it really inspired me to put that extra effort in and dedicate more time to those things I feel are important. I highly recommend reading this book. It isnt expensive and is very easy to find. It is also full of inspiring  and motivating stories and facts that prove anyone can be successful at what they want as long as the put forth the effort. 

     Check back soon for more of my thoughts and ramblings. Until then I hope some of you found this informative and got a little spark going in your heads from it.